STEVEN HAGEL photography | About
Originally from the great state of Oregon, I have lived throughout the western United States and currently call Snoqualmie, Washington my home. My love of the outdoors began in childhood from camping trips in the Pacific Northwest where I became enthralled with the peace and solitude of the great forests, rivers, and peaks. Climbing, photography, and fly fishing have been my passions for the past 25 years. The shout of "fish on!" or the call of "belay on" will never cease to get my blood pumping! Deep in the North Cascades is currently my favorite place to be and I am excited to explore this region once again after twelve years in Nevada. Give me my fly rod, climbing shoes, and camera gear, and I am in heaven amongst the towering granite spires and sapphire lakes.

I shoot Nikon equipment using a D800E body with Nikon and Zeiss prime lenses. A sturdy carbon fiber tripod is with me unless I am on a climbing route. In many instances, I shoot multiple images for an individual composition and stitch them together to create digital files capable of very large print sizes with outstanding resolution. I focus on photography during the golden hours and head for the summits or grab the fly rod during the day.

I have currently been concentrating my photographic efforts further from the road. Deep in the wilderness, the compositions have more meaning for me and I get much greater satisfaction creating the images. Knowing how much work went into an original shot is extremely rewarding and requires you create your own vision. I have visited many iconic roadside locales, some are shown here on my site. Following this path has allowed me to learn many of the technical aspects of landscape photography. My current calling, however, is to follow the path less traveled. So as long as I'm fit, that's where my focus will be.

I hope you enjoy my images and that they justly portray the magnificent outdoor scenes that get burned in my memory in these special places. Get outdoors and enjoy!